Construction Update: November 2, 2018

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Alhamdulilla with the help of Allah SWT and with all of your prayers and support we are getting closer to open the new prayer hall.

Below are the updates as of writing this email. I will send out another email as we make progress with further updates In Sha Allah.

Note: Updated status in Quick Updates for Major Outside and inside Tasks in blue

Major Outside Tasks to be completed:

  1. Waiting for fire tank delivery: Once the equipment is delivered the installation will be scheduled. (Quick Update: As of last Friday we Alhamdulilla started to receive some parts of the fire tank equipment)
  2. Installation time is usually 3-4 days for fire tank (Quick Update: Fire tank is installation is complete)
  3. Civil work for the connection between Fire tank and the prayer hall sprinkler system will begin which also usually takes 2-3 days. This work is dependent upon the installation of Fire tank so, pump and other lines are installed properly
  4. Filling up the water tank to minimum 90% capacity is required in order for the fire marshal to perform final inspection and testing
  5.   Apply for Occupancy Certificate

Major Inside Tasks to be completed:

  1. All paint related work should be finished this week (Quick Update: Almost all paintwork is complete)
  2. Bathrooms stall partitions will be installed
  3. All LED lights will be installed (Quick Update: All LED lights are complete)
  4. Major clean up will start to remove all dirt and clean up floors (Quick Update: Cleanup is complete)
  5. Carpet installation process will start after the cleanup which usually takes 3-5 days to properly frame, pad, aligns and install the carpet (Quick Update: Padding is installed. Carpet arrived last night)
  6. All the audio/visual equipment will be finalized and tested
  7. All IT related tasks will be finalized and tested

The contractor will be running both inside and out tasks in parallel where possible to complete the closeout as quickly as possible.

Major Milestone(s):

  1. Installation of Fire tank – Complete
  2. Civil Work to connect Fire tank with the building
  3. Fire Marshal final inspection
  4. Occupancy Certificate