Construction Update: December 23, 2018

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Alhamdulilla with the help of Allah SWT and with all of your prayers and support we are getting closer to open the new prayer hall.

I have updated the outside and inside section with an update tag and complete tag. I will send out another email as we make progress with further updates In Sha Allah.

Note: Updated status in Quick Updates for Major Outside and inside Tasks in blue
Outside: Civil work to connect the water tank with the main building was delayed due to the hike in contract price by the sub-contractor. Our contractor removed the original sub-contractor and new sub-contractor will be assigned to finish the work. The price for the pump has significantly increased due to demand from the oil and gas of the same type of pumps.Update: Our contractor has signed up a new sub-contractor now. They are finishing up the paper requirements for the Fire Marshal office, which will be submitted on Monday early morning. After the reviewing and upon Fire Marshal’s approval the Civil work will start which usually takes 3-5 days. Upon completion of the civil work Fire Marshal will provide final inspection and Approve the project. Based on his approval then we will apply for the Occupancy Certificate.
Inside: Washroom stalls should be delivered this week. All the inside work should be complete – Complete

The contractor will be running both inside and out tasks in parallel where possible to complete the closeout as quickly as possible.

Major Milestone(s):

1. Installation of Fire tank – Complete

2. Civil Work to connect Fire tank with the building

3. Fire Marshal final inspection

4. Occupancy Certificate