Construction Update: August 9th, 2018

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته 


Alhamdulillah with help of Allah SWT, we finally received the permission to start the closing process from the Fire Marshal. Which means we can now start the final adjustments in the infrastructures, make necessary placements, close ceiling, finish bathrooms fixtures, start paint etc..

With the inside closing, we will also be going deeper with the detention pond about four more feet to hold water for fire sprinkler system, add Mihrab, and add driveway from the main gate to connect the new parking in the back.

One of our major milestones is to receive the Occupancy Certificate as we come closer to the completion of the building. Depending upon where we are at today and how many items we need to complete to finish the interior it may take us a couple of months to complete.

Just to set up some sort of expectation for the building completion provided everything is normal with the help of Allah SWT and with all your prayers and support, we should be able to open for prayer in the new prayer hall by October 6th, 2018. Which means we try to make every effort to complete the building and get occupancy certificate in next 60 days In Sha Allah.

I will further update you by next Sunday (August 12th, 2018) In Sha Allah. In the meantime, I humbly request to you for your continuous support, guidance, and prayers.